Hi Sam, thanks for chatting today! Let’s start off at the beginning, how did your journey into music begin?

I started out singing hymns in a church, and I would sing one hymn on a Sunday, and before I knew it I was asked to sing another and another and pretty soon I was singing entire services as a worldly 12 year old. People kept encouraging me and I kept receiving bigger and bigger parts in school plays and community theater so when it came time for college and I got singing scholarships and acceptance into every program I applied to, I figured it was probably time to start dedicating all I have into music.

We know you’ve written for some amazing musicians and bands, is the writing process different when you’re writing for yourself vs for someone else? 

I feel that there is a lot more pressure writing for yourself than there is writing for others. My biggest worry for myself is staying on brand. I will write something and feel so inspired by it that I can’t wait to put it out, and then find myself having to pull back because even though I may love it, it may not be the right time or the right direction my music needs at the moment.

Was there a moment where you doubted your ability to make music that sticks out in your mind? How did you overcome it?

There is pretty much a time every single day where I wonder if I am as good as I believe that I am. A lot of that stems from comparing myself to others, which obviously isn’t something you should do. I see artists who don’t have the voice that I do, or don’t have the best songs, or whatever the situation may be, I see them getting more or better opportunities. I can’t help but think maybe I’m not as good as I think I am. Maybe this other artist has been better than me this whole time after all.

Who or what inspires you in your day-to-day life?

The struggles of just trying to get by are very much inspiring me at this point in my life. I work a million odd jobs so that I can afford to chase my dreams and I am constantly burnt out. I will find myself exhausted and trying to put on an amazing show because it was what I was born to do, but I can’t give it my all because I ended up picking up a closing shift the night before. My true motivations and inspirations are coming from wanting to get out of this lifestyle where I break my back just to get by.

What was the hardest part about making this album?

The hardest part about my music as I mentioned a bit before, is staying on brand. These are the first things anyone is going to hear of me so I don’t want my audience to be confused. I want everyone to know that I am a feisty, country/rock female with powerhouse vocals, and if you put out anything that drifts from that, it feels like your whole message gets lost.

We know you’re passionate about advocating for women in the music industry, talk to us a little about that.

How much time do you have? haha I could talk about this forever. The main thing that I keep coming back to is that there are shows my male performers book purely by word of mouth. For me to get booked I have to provide pictures, videos, recordings, social media, three references, the blood of my mortal enemy, and five years experience playing at another bar in town. The only way I have overcome these things are by being the hardest working person in the room. I take voice lessons, pay my band well, post shows/venues on my social media, and always be the “yes” girl. Most of the opportunities I have received are because a fill-in was needed at the last minute, and I did so well that I was brought on for bigger and better opportunities.

Thanks for answering our questions today Sam Rife! Where can we find your music online?

You can find me anywhere you stream music ! Spotify, Apple Music, etc. but make sure you find me on Instagram @samrifeofficial to keep up with all things awesome in my world!

End of Interview