Singer/Songwriter Brett Pruneau Releases “Sun & Moon” Video (PREMIERE)

Hi Brett! Thanks for making time to chat with us today. You are releasing your new video for the song “Sun and Moon”. Congrats. Tell us about the concept of the video?

Hey there, thanks so much for the interest in ‘Sun & Moon’. This particular song is a tragic telling of ‘Love’ lost but not forgotten. We all have those people in our lives that we just can’t seem to shake… I teamed up with an incredible Cinematographer in Las Vegas named Eric Cannon to shoot this video out in Nelson, NV. He has such an incredible eye and his direction on this project was just exactly what I could have hoped for. There is a good bit of symbolism throughout the video… everything down to the lighting used for each character and even the choice of outfits for my love interest in the video, Dina Auneau… We definitely see a distraught lover pining over what used to be.

This is such a beautiful song. What made you connect with it?

I’m almost instantly attracted to a dramatic power ballad… *laughing* I feel like that energy just kind of courses through my veins. It’s exhilarating on a physical level to perform a song that soars and it just heightens the emotion behind the song that much more… The chorus of this song is practically a melodic wail, or cry of desperation.

Additionally, as I mentioned, I think everyone can relate to never quite getting over that ‘someone’ in their life. They may be married with 7 children, but something like a ‘first love’ usually stays with you to some capactiy… even if you’ve managed to move on to something equally fulfilling. It’s that ‘human’ thing that we all have living inside of us.

How have fans received the new music you just released?

The support has been overwhelming…. I took several years away from any sort of solo work due to several group projects I was involved in and an injury, so it can be a bit daunting to try and dip your toe back into being your own artist. However, my latest EP ‘The Real Thing’ really represents who I am and it’s incredibly rewarding to have that sort of transparency received so warmly. It’s definitely got me primed and ready to tackle the coming year with many more exciting projects.

Okay, now something more fun. What is your #1 binge watched show this year?

I am forever MESMERIZED, along with so many others, by Princess Diana… so the recent season of ‘The Crown’ was just absolutely captivating to me. I watched the whole thing in one sitting. The performances portrayed in that series just leave me gobsmacked.

….. on the complete other side of the spectrum…. I was equally mesmerized (and horrified) by ‘The Tiger King’. *laughs* Yet another instance where I think I watched straight through — You’ve heard the phrase: “like watching a train wreck”?

What is the best advice you have been given in your career? Would you share it?

“Stay Humble” … I have to commend my mother and father for always teaching my siblings and I to be humble and gracious. In the entertainment industry that can be a difficult task… After all, we stand on a stage and wait for people to clap… but the REAL artists are the ones that are simply there to tell the story or convey a message. Thats certainly what I aspire to be. I try to carry that mentality with me in everything that I do.

Tell us where we can find you on social media and listen to your amazing new music.

Absolutely- You can find me under ‘Brett Pruneau’ on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. and my brand new EP ‘The Real Thing’ is available now on iTunes, Spotify and all other major music platforms – with physical ad signed copies available through my website: !

End of Interview