Thank you for doing our interview!  Tell our readers more about how you got started and where you are located!

It is our absolute pleasure, thank you for having us : ) We got started in a little town outside of Portland Oregon called Lake Oswego in 2003, but back then we were under our old name, The Panther Caps.

Do you believe in Goal Setting or taking it day by day? 

We believe in setting little goals day by day.  Sometimes I set a goal for myself to get better at deep breathing during this minute, and after the minute is up, if I have truly focused, I will feel a great sense of gratification due to the fact that I am printing out and improved version of myself from a minute earlier.  I set many musical goals too.  Some are five second goals.  Some are five minute goals.  Some are five day goals, and yes, some are five year goals : ) The way I achieve ALL of my goals is by taking them a day at a time.

What is your strategy for success? 

The strategy for success is to constantly improve and work on myself.  The feeling of self-improvement is far better than any experience outside of the self.

Greatest achievement so far? 

Staying alive this long and learning how to be happy in THIS moment right here.  Also putting out our album “Fly Around” because it took seven years and nearly cost my life.  Oh yea and I am happy that I started a vocalista career with the other side of my brain, 182 Water.

Please share your INSTAGRAM link and photo   

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/watertowerband

Press Inquiries:  bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview