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In 2018, Musik and Film Promotions stand as a leader in their field. The long list of bands and artists who the agency’s team have worked with is exhaustive, but I will name a few; Elton John, Van Morrison, Ozzy Osbourne, Tommy Tutone, among many others. What attracts such important artists to associate with Musik and Film is clear and invaluable to newcomers and veteran performers alike. The company brings a wealth of experience to promoting artists and bands that’s not restricted to one or two specialties but, instead, an expansive approach capable of answering any need an artist might have and extensively tailored to deliver results. The team, without exception, has adapted to an altered musical landscape in order to continue breaking new music to a world moving faster and faster every day. Musik and Film aren’t just business men and women. Instead, they are genuine music lovers and Musicians who have all been with major groups and who know how to cater towards the needs of musicians working in any style.

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These include radio promotion and tracking, artist management and consultation, production, and even label support. The Radio Promotions aspect of their business has worked with a wide range of legendary and critically acclaimed musicians who have benefitted enormously from their wide-ranging array of services that includes a 180 country and quarter million radio station reach. A listing of their packages, depending on price, includes profession PR write ups, reviews in leading Internet publications, real time reporting in any global market, personalized digital press kits, and lengthy campaigns. Their production team includes a number of talented producers and their A&R services draws on lengthy experience in artist development, but one of the lynchpins of their continued success is the second to none radio promotion they provide.


However, their distribution network, supported by connections with Sony Music and Universal, reaches over 2,000 outlets and spans five continents isn’t too shabby at all. Such access is virtually unparalleled in a fragmenting music industry and their consistency in maintaining those connections makes Musik and Film a beacon in uncertain times for musicians and bands of every style. Their reach extends to a plethora of both digital and mobile outlets, as well, Musik and Film has recently opened doors for Chinese distribution as well, one of the more important untapped global markets for new music. Offering reasonable rates and unquestionable dedication to satisfying an artist’s expectations, Musik and Film Promotions stands out as a leader. It is virtually impossible to find a sane justification for not pursuing a relationship with this company if you are serious and focused about making sure your art reaches the widest possible audience. What Musik and Film’s artists have to say

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