Ajay Mathur “Real” (SINGLE)

“Real” asks listeners to reframe their outlook on life outside of social media. This single is off of Swiss artist Ajay Mathur’s new album Talking Loud. The Grammy nominated artist blends the best of classic music with contemporary styles resulting in music that is all its own. Mathur is known for this type of musical fusion and never pressing himself into a musical style. His naturally explorative and experimental nature makes his music feel brand new and familiar all at once. He’s a master of paradox, making music that cuts deeps but also encourages you to cut loose and feel good. “Real” is set to a sun-drenched melody, while the lyrics question the listener on who their authentic self is. Mathur masterfully creates an atmosphere of openness on “Real,” allowing his queries to feel friendly and non-judgmental. The result is a song that will warm your heart while reminding you what really matters.

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Instantly, Mathur’s vocals stand out to me, they’re confident yet relaxed and overwhelmingly positive. Mathur never dips into any negative or accusatory tones during “Real,” instead he opts for optimism, setting this track apart from other songs about the woes of social media. So often songs that comment on the setbacks of social media point out how damaging life online can be. “Real” goes as far to point out the hot and cold nature of social media with the lyrics, “Hey, seems like I have known you so long/Telling stories now, sharing memories how we’ve been dealing with our lives” and “Hey sometimes it seems I don’t know you at all/Faking stories now, making memories how we’re wishing, we could build our lives.” Mathur doesn’t criticize social media further he simply shifts his focus back to reality. He concisely reminds listeners the magic of what happens when you’re connecting with someone in reality.“ You can look into my eyes, you can walk with me/I am real, I am real,” sums up the core of “Real.”

Mathur’s message is further brought to life with the real question behind “Real,” I’m real but are you? Do you know what your priorities are? Are you being your true self with other people? These questions linger after listening to “Real,” an attribute that makes it so effective. Its normally books and movies that raise deep philosophical questions for audiences, I find it rarer for music to leave you asking soul-searching questions. I commend Mathur for achieving this on “Real” rather effortlessly. His understanding of music and how opposing genres can complement each other is what makes this track so refreshing. I haven’t heard anything quite like it before, although it seems to fill me with nostalgia. Mathur’s confidence and self-assuredness makes his artistry original. It wasn’t until I was listening to “Real” that I realized so few songs favor positivity over negativity. There is a place for all sides and viewpoints in the art world but there is something so magnetic and special about positive art. Mathur proves that you can ask difficult questions in a way that warms and excites people.

I found myself daydreaming of “Real’s” sweet guitar riff’s long after I listened to it. The atmosphere Mathur builds is one of joy and freedom. I was transported to the beach during the dead of the summer, driving with the windows down and the music loud. “Real” is just as evocative as it is upbeat, it takes you somewhere. The more I think about it the warmer I feel. To feel so comforted by a song is a rare thing and to leave that comforting song with a deep wonder for you life, is even more profound. Mathur has truly found his creative stride with “Real,” a song that encourages growth and promises joy.

Ajay Mathur’s “Real” is a song that will take you places and bring you back transformed. Its one of the most joyous songs I’ve heard all year and makes me want to listen to Talking Loud as soon as possible. Mathur singlehandedly reminds listeners to remember the joys of life outside of social media and that living authentically leads to exciting and lovely experiences. If you’re in the mood to feel-good, think deeply, or need a song to drive to, “Real” is the track for you. Make sure to listen to Talking Loud and “Real” out now!

Mark Druery 

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