AV Super Sunshine “Frankenstein” (SINGLE/VIDEO)

AV Super Sunshine takes full advantage of the full moon and the ghouls and goblins that come out in droves this Autumn – the frightfully cool single “Frankenstein” is further proof this rock outfit still has a few tricks up their sleeve. With its signature tagline ‘Peace, Love & Modern Classic Rock with Bell Bottom Bass!’ AV Super Sunshine is quickly becoming one of my guilty pleasures. More than just one person, and depicted in photos as a duo, AV Super Sunshine is cut from a pop culture – meets avante garde cloth-music. Accompanying “Frankenstein” is a music video oozing with miniature toys, instrument closeups and a vintage filter worthy of AV Super Sunshine’s glow.

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The electric guitar riff leaves a confident footprint. The guitar arrangement in “Frankenstein” stalks you and sounds like you’re walking on a crispy trail made of fallen leaves. There’s moments in the guitar vibes that feel like they are catching on the bass guitar line grooves with tiny metal hooks. I guess the closest song that has that Twilight Zone-level trance of a guitar is the Runaways’ “Cherry Bomb”. AV Super Sunshine has a knack for dwelling in that vintage rock world, with past songs like “Super Cool” and “Smile”.

What AV Super Sunshine does even better in “Frankenstein” is back up that retro patina finish with Frank Zappa-level story telling lyrics. I am you’re gaga, not the radio kind, is one line that stood out to me. I felt like this was both funny and gave the protagonist a real monster flare. On the surface this song might just be a song about the fictional monster – or it could be the idea that we’re just a few social media likes, shares and clicks away from having a bunch of torch-bearing mobs beating us up online. I’m not sure if AV Super Sunshine is making that sort of statement – I’m projecting, but it’s been on my mind listening to this over and over the past few days. This song grabs a hold of you pretty quick and stays with you. I know there’s something more than meets the eye – there has to be a deeper meaning to this catchy tune. Clever and intriguing, when the lead singer sings, he has a melodic baritone voice that masks what always seems like a thought-provoking riddle.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/frankenstein/1588249732?i=1588249735

Speaking of masks, in the music video, we get to see the lead singer in wait for it, a vintage Frankenstein plastic Halloween mask. I enjoyed the little cars, the toy cars like the black Rolls Royce they sing about in the song. The audience gets a birds eye view of what appears to be a living room performance, with some cuts to the studio, and closeups of the keyboards. In typical fashion, it’s vibrant fun, a little quirky and a lot of kooky – basically why AV Super Sunshine is so dang fun. It might look like a weird, wild off-kilter setting, but isn’t that a place we’d all love to be transported to?

Mark Druery