“Beautiful Stranger” (SINGLE) by Ivan Comar and Gabriele Saro

The title of Ivan Comar and Gabriele Saro’s new release “Beautiful Stranger” reminds me of a Leonard Cohen song. Comar and Saro’s collaboration, however far removed from the often bleak wintery landscapes of the aforementioned Cohen, does share with the Canadian’s music undoubted intelligence that invokes a wealth of emotion. “Beautiful Stranger” pulsates with palpable energy from the song’s outset and the chorus is exultant. It’s one of the highlights of this recording to hear the effortless movement they achieve from the verses into this rousing moment and it makes for one of the more memorable peaks in recent pop songs.

The production helps emphasize its strengths. “Beautiful Stranger” has an immediacy to its sound that grabs listeners from the beginning and doesn’t let go. This suggests the musical journey is somewhat unpleasant or artless; far from it. The orchestration of the song’s electronic elements is carried off with a deft touch and the lyrical content meshes well with the musical arrangement.

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The vocals strike the right emotional note. There’s something near desperate about the dueling voices powering this piece, but it never lapses into melodrama. “Beautiful Stranger” generates great intensity through a confluence of songwriting elements and has an individual edge unlike the vast bulk of popular music released in 2021.

It is little wonder such an unique personality emerges from Saro’s musical compositions. Boasting a bevy of degrees in violin, Business Administration, composition for film music, and neuro-linguistic programming, his scientific and artistic perspectives inform his writing and performance alike. The second new release from Saro and Comar, a track entitled “Valentine”, has an obvious slant given the upcoming holiday.

It’s another surging uptempo pop number with synthesized guitar and a propulsive backbeat. Love, in the hands of Saro and Comar, is not a languid experience; “Valentine”, instead, embodies romantic affection with attention-grabbing physicality. The thoroughly modern sound pursued by the tandem during the earlier track “Beautiful Stranger” is in full evidence here, as well, though attentive listeners will perhaps note an even brighter polish distinguishing the second track.

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The classical influence in these songs is audible but moderate. This newly released duo illustrates the dual personalities defining Saro’s output – clever and emotionally engaged while benefitting from on-point construction throughout. He is equal parts artist and craftsman. His collaboration with Ivan Comar will, without question, enjoy widespread commercial success and his reach as a performer and musician has increasing global exposure.

Numerous awards and other honors have followed Saro throughout his career, but those aren’t the product of impressive public relations work or blind luck. Gabriele Saro demonstrates with “Beautiful Stranger” and “Valentine”, once again, that artistry has a place at the table of commerce and provides listeners with supremely entertaining songwriting. Neither track bites off more than they can chew in regards to length and show off the well-honed skills in popular songwriting that continually sets Saro apart from his many contemporaries and peers. “Beautiful Stranger” and “Valentine” are obvious winners from the first minute to last.

Mark Druery

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