Bobby and The Crew “Conqueror of Love” (SINGLE)

There is nothing quite like a feel-good pop song that reminds you of a sultry Summer night. Bobby and The Crew have gifted fans and first time listeners with their latest Single, Conqueror of Love. A Pop song that defies all convention by opting for horns and percussive instruments rather than synthesizers and electronic beats. These choices set Conqueror of Love apart, making it instantly distinguishable, ensuring that it doesn’t get lost in a sea of pop songs.


Although their normal genre is alternative rock, Bobby and The Crew comfortably deliver a confident Pop song. There is no hesitance in Conqueror of Love, it has a powerful presence from beginning to the end. Often evoking majestic larger than life feelings that transport you to a  dreamy dance hall. The way the vocals, horns, and percussion come together around the chorus provokes a feeling of grandeur I frequently get Latino artistry. There’s a liveliness to Conqueror of Love that speaks to the skill and vision of Bobby and The Crew as group.

Conqueror of Love possesses the room the same way an orchestra or a live band can. With smart melodies and an upbeat tempo nothing is lost on this track. The vocals compliment the horns by using reverb and echo’s, making Conqueror of Love an incredible fusion of modern techniques and traditional instrumentals. Bobby and The Crew merge this sound with smart lyrics that teach listeners to take their romantic destiny into their own hands (especially if they’re tired of being lonely). It’s not often you find a Pop song that tells fans that they’re not destined to a loveless life by reminding them that the key to breaking out of fatalistic cycles, is remembering that they have the power to change their fate.

What continues to blow me away about Conqueror of Love is the originality of it. I haven’t heard anything quite like this before, particularly not in the world of Pop. This gives Bobby and The Crew an exciting edge in the Pop genre, along with any other genre they decide to visit. They have proven, as a music group, that they are not bound to one sound. This makes Bobby and The Crew’s future full of opportunity.. The possibilities for Bobby and The Crew seem endless. Whether is more pop singles, tracks that are influenced by Blues Rock, or a return to Alternative Rock Bobby and The Crew will not disappoint.

Conqueror of Love has me daydreaming about what other tracks would accompany it on a full length album. Any song that warms the heart, teaches a lesson, all while maintaining a vivacious spirit is one you can’t ignore. Did I mention that Conqueror of Love is extremely catchy and entertaining? If you need a song to pull you out of a slump Conqueror of Love is the go tune for you. Bobby and The Crew have achieved what I think music is all about, creating a song that elicits joy, even on hard days. Don’t miss it!

Mark Druery

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