Candace Asher “Don’t Lose Heart” (SINGLE)

“Don’t Lose Heart” is the inspiring new country-fused track from Candace Asher. Co-written by Dwight Liles, this tender song reflects the proverb ‘speak softly and carry a big stick.’ With such a swarming of warm strings, a coveted piano bed and trustworthy acoustic guitar. It all blends together with Asher’s vocals. Her graceful voice has an immediate rapport with the listener and the positive energy radiates at every moment. “Don’t Lose Heart” follows Asher’s previous songs “Every Time Your Heart Breaks” and “One Tender Tear”.

A frequent indie artist that has charted on the World Music Chart, Asher’s latest song is further proof that her artistry pierces the heart. The listener moves along the song, like a ribbon in the wind, with Asher’s satin voice tenderly guiding. It’s a ballad made for Nashville – with the guitar adding just the right accoutrement melodies. I loved that she included a piano in the music bed, giving it yet another tone and vibe. It stretches into a bit of Americana and pop and reels the listener in with his storyline. It’s a tale about finding the strength and encouragement to get through the storms. It’s about trusting in your own confidence.

That’s what kept you going this far, Asher sings. She sings with a sweet calmness. Where others might have a hush, or take in an extra breath, she sings straight through and perfectly. Towards the song’s end, she does expand her rage, but keeps it close. I found that very effective. She never faltered. It’s a gentle nudge, an encouraging reminder that we have it within our own heart to find the path we want in life. I suspect a bit of a fight in Asher’s artistry. She keeps her cool.


She’s there to help and guide. This song depicts, in my opinion, what a conversation between siblings might be. There’s such a strong bond and the words of encouragement are so simple. If not a brother or sister relationship, this is a great song for any friendship. It really says words that you want to say, and put to song, what a better way to inspire your friend or friends. The emphasis of the song might be on personal improvement or inner strength, yet Asher contends that the power can be passed along. I think, and maybe I’m way off, there’s something very freeing about that. You can feel it in the electricity of the song, and you can almost imagine

Asher sitting next to you, maybe swapping stories over coffee or hot tea, and singing. I loved that strong sense of foundation in the music, but her soaring vocals reached out. I think her voice has great depth, and I’m certain there are more songs in the pipeline from this songstress. She doesn’t resemble anyone that I can recall, and to me, that is a great compliment. She’s followed her heart this long, gone to the beat of her own drum – “Don’t Lose Heart” is a winning formula for Asher.

Mark Druery

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