“Christmas Time For Everyone” (SINGLE) by More Than Words

I’m a Christmas-a-holic. I’m one of those stinkers that likes to keep my tree up well past the New Year, and am not ashamed to admit that once Halloween has closed its doors, the ornaments, holiday knickknacks and mounds of tinsel have made their way out of storage. Much to my surprise, and much to my ever-loving delight – Christmas 2020 has delivered a spanking new holiday track “Christmas Time For Everyone”. This delightful and endearing tune is courtesy of Germany’s More Than Words.

URL: https://more-than-words-band.de/js_albums/christmas-time-for-everyone/

If you’re more of a humbug and prefer to skip over such grandiose and holiday thrills, I beg of you to keep reading. This one will surprise you. “Christmas Time For Everyone” has the makings of a little engine that could – I found myself cheering for it. The message, the blended harmonies and the up tempo fun musical bedrock can edge out any song right now. If you do a quick review of the most popular Christmas songs, they are often upbeat, fun and keep you smiling. This one checks all those boxes. I haven’t even gotten to the percussion. It flows along like little elves tapping on drums, kicking that bass drum like the heart beats fast on Christmas morning.

It feels so good to be alive, let’s celebrate baby Jesus tonight, I hope it’s Christmas time for everyone, the trio sings in the chorus. The song sparked something in me. It gave me a chance to forget my troubles, be completely ensconced in the voices. This time of year can conjure up balls of stress and extra pressures on us all. “Christmas Time For Everyone” allows you to leave the negativity and troubles at the door. Take your coat off, take off that hat and stay awhile to really listen to what they’re singing. I think songs, outside of Christmas and holiday season, make us want to get to the feeling we have this time of year. It’s Christmas and holiday songs that keep us gripped to the moments we have with family and friends. You can’t replicate those memories, but you might, just maybe, be able to put a soundtrack to them. When artists like More Than Words find the words and the lyrics to paint those pictures for us, the memories we want to treasure, it makes it even more special. I think “Christmas Time For Everyone”, with the help of a country-hued guitar, achieves that. They even pepper in some delicious family harmonies.

More Than Words is husband and wife Lanny Lanner and Stephanie Hertel, and their daughter Johanna Mross. The fact that they are a family makes the song even more meaningful and triggers that additional emotional layer. I think it adds an invisible texture. From one Christmas superfan to another, I highly recommend their new song. Even if you’re a bandwagon Christmas music fan, I highly recommend. Be sure to add “Christmas Time For Everyone” to your holiday playlists. Who knows, you might even listen to it well into February!

Mark Druery

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