“Megaphone Inside My Head” (LP) by Brian Cottrill

Megaphone Inside My Head – by Brian Cottrill, is a surprisingly excellent power pop and rock album with all that is good about the past, present and hopefully the future of rock and other music for that matter. This record is everything fans of Cottrill can expect and more for the outsider looking in, because it put me onto a great artist. There is really no holding back here on what is one very-colorful collection of traditional rock and pop songs, which Cottrill’s stamp all over them, also featuring his three daughters which each on their own appear on harmony vocal tracks.

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“Gonna Love You” is more of a segue but it gets the juices flowing without losing a thing as it comes and goes, complete with Gramophone effects one might even feel is going to continue as it plays before the second song. “Spin That Record” is the actual song, if you will, and it is a classic romp of an opener. I find the song to be one of the album’s hottest tracks, but it has plenty of competition. “Teenage Kids” gives it the first run for its money with daughter Erica Cottrill providing the harmony vocals to really make it all it can be.

And it never lets up with song after song containing all that used to be required for good rock ‘n roll but seems to be lost in-the midst of time. “You Can’t Stop Me” is a song that might even remind of some of the most obvious bands of the 70s and 80s, but you can spot it all for yourself and see. “Take It Or Leave It” is one of my go-to picks from Megaphone Inside My Head, because it has all the elements the album is full of in one sweet song.

“Boyfriend” is another album highlight, with more familiar sounds from the 8s written all over it, and probably the most fun-loving track on the album, which another cool intro to set it up. This is where Megaphone Inside My Head reaches its peak point and starts to wind down with some more of the same standard but playing even deeper. “Don’t Tell Me What To Do” is an epic track with harmony vocals by Hannah Cottrill to enhance the catchy melody. And what could be better than having his three daughters added to some tracks for the pandemic- stricken recording.

“What’s Her Name” also find daughter Brooke Cottrill proving harmony vocals too, making three of the top tracks on Megaphone Inside My Head, and they are all outstanding. The album is impossible to review without giving all the tracks their due, and that includes the Dairy Queen song, “Ice Cream Angel Baby.” And going out on a high note with a string arrangement by Davin Seamon on “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” this album is a slice of perfection during uncertain times or any times for that matter. These tracks inspire with only the best of what rock music has always been good for.

Mark Druery


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