Emodulari – “Craniotomy” (SINGLE)

The new single from Emodulari, “Craniotomy,” is probably pretty close to what you expect it to be with the artist name and song title. Or conversely, you may not know what to expect at all. What we get is a little over 4 minutes of madness, hyper-focus, deficit, and even a hint of genius. Emodulari seem to be content with living in their own dimension, reflecting the lunacy of the surrounding world, and an ever devolving sociological structure. This is the kind of music that advocates the notion that insanity is the only true path to enlightenment.

BANDCAMP: https://emodulari.bandcamp.com/track/craniotomy

“Craniotomy,” the song, is based on a legitimate procedure in which a person has brain surgery performed on them, while playing an instrument. Yes, you read that right. There are at least two known cases of this, one in which the patient played a violin, and the other, a saxophone. In case anyone was wondering, both were Successful. In Emodulari’s rendering, the subject plays guitar, during brain surgery, in order to achieve “super shredder” status.

Such an esoteric concept, might be a bit for some to, um, wrap their mind around. The result is something of a marching doctrine on the musical merits of neuroscience. Emodulari is on all of the usual social media pages, including YouTube, which features several other videos, alongside “Craniotomy.” There’s a bit of a mystique about the group, such as why they present themselves in such a quirky manner. New fans are likely to be intrigued to learn as much about them as possible.

“Craniotomy” would most likely qualify as a concept piece. A Craniotomy is defined as removing a piece of the brain. It’s often performed to remove a tumor or piece of malignant tissue. The concept of someone playing an instrument during such a procedure, is virtually inconceivable. However, we have already established that it did indeed occur.

This of course prompts us to consider all of the miraculous and amazing realities, of the relationship between cognition and coordination. Emodulari have presented a truly fascinating notion with “Craniotomy” and have arranged a somewhat unique marriage of music and neurophysiology . The song itself has a patient, and steady build, from the intro, with the vocals possessing a sort of operatic, baritone quality. The production isn’t glossy, or even slick for that matter, but it serves it purpose for a Song glorifying rock guitar.  While the song never really seems to reach the chaotic crescendo , that one might expect, it does Succeed in matching the tone of its subject matter.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Craniotomy-Emodulari/dp/B07X3153D9

“Craniotomy “ isn’t necessarily a song for mainstream audiences. It’s target specific, and it’s texture has a gimmicky feel. It is however, an absolutely brilliant palate, and in turn it becomes something of an educational piece. It’s a surgical process I think most people would have no prior knowledge of, before taking on this article. It reinforces the fact that Music holds nearly unlimited power to have a benevolent and altering effect on lives and even science.

Mark Druery

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