“Get Up And Dance (electro remix)” from Zarbo

You’ve worked hard all day or all week and now is the time to get that body grooving. Get that body of yours dancing. The contagious beat and infectious chorus in the song “Get Up And Dance (electro remix)” from Zarbo is the perfect anecdote to low-energy and taking away those troubles. Originally a power pop rock trio from Canada, Zarbo is now getting a second wind from founding member, front man and bassist Alexander Zarbo. He’s completely remastered their 1985 eight-song album, A-Z Collection, and “Get Up And Dance” is the first release. He’s off to an amazing start and his timing couldn’t be better.

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It’s evident Zarbo’s bass playing is his forte and passion. This song is full of killer grooves and bursts of bass. It has that slight, sticky bass line that just screams funk. My first inclination is that the song sounds like what confetti would sound like. It’s a celebration. At one point, it sounds like a xylophone, or pinballs hitting against the xylophone keys. It’s a drooping sound, like the New Year’s Eve ball dropping. It sounds very modern, very EDM driven. Zarbo’s vocals are baritone, but he sounds very festive. He reminds me a lot of Harry Wayne Casey (KC and the Sunshine Band) but less disco-esque. I think the funky bass guitar just does it for me. It slides right in there at the opportune times. He sings with such zest and joy it’s impossible to not get up and dance. I don’t think he comes to the table or the drawing board with anything more than to entertain and help listeners let go of their troubles and feel free.

But working for reason, pleasure is the outcome, for love is the prize and this is where is comes from now, get up and dance and get up, get up, sings Zarbo. You can tell he’s smiling while he sings, his grin is almost tangible. He goes on to repeat how does it feel, how does it feel, when so many people glance, how does it feel, how does it feel, when you get up and dance. Zarbo and the modern remix sound give the lister more than ample fuel to energize and caffeinate the night. This is the perfect song for turning that frown upside down.

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In his press materials, Zarbo notes that he’d love for people to have a euphoric feeling and dancing is the easiest way to reach that state-of-mind. He definitely accomplishes this. And then some. The backing music, a modern garnish, zips right through to the now. Forgo your troubles and leap into “Get Up And Dance (electro Remix)”. Fans of the aforementioned KC and the Sunshine Band, Gonzelez (“Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet”), G.Q., Gibson Brothers (“Que Sera Mi Vida (If You Should Go)”, Ottawan (“Hands Up, Give Me Your Heart”), and most of early 80s pop rock like you might hear from Blondie. You can’t go wrong with a song like “Get Up And Dance (electro remix)” because it’s pure joy.

Mark Druery

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