”Good Time’n” (SINGLE) by Water to Wine

The country sound of Water To Wine’s new single – ”Good Time’n” delivers a dash of freshness during the Covid lockdowns where music still thrives if you’re paying attention. The song gets into the whole subject in the lyrics as it brings its own remedy with it and that is only some of the magic because it does beyond matters currently at hand as well. And although you it can also be classified as a mainstream country song the band are far from what you would call your daddy’s country, there is a lot more to their Americana style music at the end of the day.

“Good Time ’N” is all about good timing, of course, but it comes at the hardest time to find the good in things, and it comes out in the words and music of these excellent musicians. Water To Wine have the world class values country music should have, but often misses the mark with in today’s musical landscape with all the distractions leaving the industry in no man’s land for some. If 2020 has produced anything of substance, ”Good Time’n” rates up there with me and should go far once 2021 is underway and the pandemic hopefully subsides.

Fans of Water To Wine will be pleased with another classic rocking country mix on – ”Good Time’n” as it sticks to their usual Linda Ronstadt meets Eagles vibe, but it is hard to call that a major stretch between styles and where they wind up on their own. This is always good company to be in, but it can limit them when describing their original style of music that also has an Americana feel as well. Their own special brand comes out in the wash and cannot be denied as a force to reckon with.

WEBSITE: https://watertowineband.com/

I was taken back to what we all miss about music when I heard ”Good Time’n” and it not only made me look forward to the album later in the years, but it sent me looking after more from this great band. The proper mix of folk and country with a classic rock foundation is what make Water To Wine’s music so accessible. The banjo adds a nice touch without intruding on the arrangement or dominating the other instruments and to notch vocals. It is all about making a living and getting together and having a good time after earning it.

YOU TUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzqdehGesVRvr6mr7S7uktQ

The best thing for me about ”Good Time ’n” is how well it plays on loop, over and over without so much as getting the least bit bored. You know that is one of the marks of a classic, but also the mark of a contemporary band with an edge. It just so happens that Water To Wine serve up the best of both worlds with this enormously contagious sings with mass appeal to true country and rock lovers with no qualms about the power of combining the two for the greater good and letting the fans reap the benefits of their labor.

Mark Druery