Integriti Reeves releases Eu Vim Da Bahia (Single)

Clipped, yet melodic, guitar work opens Integriti Reeves’ single “Eu Vim Da Bahia” (“I Came From Bahia”) with such finesse that I was a believer in this song seconds in. The unobtrusive shake of percussion enters the arrangement and Reeves herself comes in with the certainty of a singer who knows exactly what marks she must hit to make a connection with her listeners. This cover of Gilberto Gil’s composition, first recorded long ago and still a popular standard in the genre, gains much from Reeves’ take on the number while invoking the same Latin jazz feeling that made the original so well known.


The key is how she takes the song in a slightly different direction. Rather than slavishly imitating Gil’s initial version of the song, Reeves shows deft skill in managing a level of fidelity to the original while bringing her own distinctive phrasing talents to bear on this cover. Those perks of her vocal technique are the undoubted result of natural talent, but you cannot discount the influence her musical training and working alongside luminaries like Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Ernie Andrews, and Liz Wright has on her musical art. She has listened well to those who came before her and absorbed all necessary lessons.

She definitely exhibits her jazz chops with the scat singing and the effortless glide and bounce of her vocal phrasing. It provides a superb “dance partner” for the percussion and string instruments accompanying her throughout the song and they work together rather than embracing the sort of push and pull you hear in other songs. Everything comes off in a seamless and easy going way that hooks listeners within the first few minutes and holds their attention for the full length of the track.

The guitar, violin, and percussion are the only musical parts “Eu Vim Da Bahia” needs to score with the audience. This cover is arranged in a very artful way, no instrument imposing on another, and the light layering defining the tune shows the keen attention both Reeves and her collaborators give to making sure this performance is as close to note perfect as possible. The production highlights all of these strengths, especially the mix. Each of the central musical components serve one another and reinforce the high quality of the vocal singing out from the heart of it all.


Stairway to the Stars is a release capable of restoring faith in the idea that this synthesis of jazz and Latin music can reach a worldwide audience. The musicians working with Reeves deserve immense credit for their contributions, but it is her voice that stays with you long after you give the track even a single listen – she brims with good feeling, confidence, and skill. All great covers share a critical characteristic – they pay deference to the past while still refurbishing the original in inventive ways that make the track relevant for modern audiences. The scope of her achievement with “Eu Vim Da Bahia” cannot be denied and we are blessed with her presence in the modern music scene.

Mark Druery

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