More Than Words – “Heaven Is A Place Like This” (SINGLE)

When I first saw that the title of the new More Than Words single was “Heaven Is A Place Like This” I couldn’t help but distract myself with other songs with the similar lyrical content. Heaven is a storied place for songwriters and pop music has especially given us many gifts surrounding the subject – from Bryan Adams’ “Heaven”, to Warrant’s “Heaven” and of course Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” –the list goes on and on. Now that I have you distracted with other tunes, please turn your attention to Germany’s (English version) of their song, “Heaven Is A Place Like This”. In a category all its own, this one’s a keeper.


What makes this trio, a self-described family patchwork, stand out? A few things really. Their vocals are a golden-laced treat. They are each distinct, but just like most families can attest to, individually they are excellent, but together their voices make the most impact. This song is the perfect vehicle for a band like More Than Words to convey their art. The band, which is Stephanie Hertel, Lanny Lanner and Johanna Mross, have a multi-generational and multi-cultural appeal. Though they don’t sing in German, this song has the potential to be a worldwide hit. Afterall, music crosses continents and language barriers. “Heave Is A Place Like This” exudes love and authenticity and is a follow-up to their well-received “Home”.

The patient drum work in this song falls ever-so perfectly into place. I loved how the rhythm of this song, including the bass, is so tight. You don’t feel like the dramatism is in the backing music, but rather it’s in the collaborating voices. When they sing lines like really doesn’t matter cause I’m staying here with you, you feel that energy and synergy. At one moment, I felt a little sad that they were singing about death or loss. They are celebrating life. They are capturing the sanctity of being with your loved ones and making the most of each moment here on Earth.

I forgot all the pain, all the negativity and glided along to the stirring piano. The keys are a grand gesture, but again, the voices are the top stars in this song. I also heard a slight twang in the music arrangement. When you hear songs like this you forget where that frustration from the morning went, and you surrender yourself to the movement and the guiding voices.


If you’re a fan of adult contemporary music, of Christian music, pop music and certainly country music, “Heaven Is A Place Like This” will surely get many spins. This track radiates because these voices are coming from a wellspring of love. You can’t replicate that magic in a studio. You have it or you don’t. This is a very special song and I wish I could do it justice. More Than Words have proven once again they can give indeed, more than words, in their songs – they bring love and light to each of their songs.

Mark Druery

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