Ella Blicker “Owe It All” (SINGLE)

Owe It All” is the stunning new single from Ella Blicker. Casting a dreamy, yet veiled in a brooding piano, this romantic pop offering is a coveted love letter. Blicker’s hushed, gentle melodic voice seems to tickle the ear much the same as a whisper. Drawing out the pronunciation of her lyrics in a way that is both endearing and so easy to sing along to, “Owe It All ” has glimmers of light and warmth in what might be one of the best late morning (and still in bed) songs. Blicker puts to words and music what each of our special someone means in our lives. She just does it in a wispy, but poignant way.

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Starting out like Feist’s “1234”, Blicker sings just that – 1,2, 3, 4 and bookends those numbers later in the song. Between the numbered bookends are her lofty harmonies and dreary piano and what I can only surmise is a sleepy electric guitar. I don’t think the song’s backing music is depressing. On the contrary, it’s modern and evocative of a rainy day and the idea of taking stock of the person you’re lying next to, or even the person your heart pines for. I think in this case Blicker is waking up in the morning, the window shades are open, the sounds of the busy city are a flutter, and she’s taking stock of the important persons in her life.

She’s so grateful that this person has stood by her. She’s not totally lovey dovey about it, but her voice carries such honesty and humbleness. She’s ready to take on the day and wants to give gratitude…she’s thinking about that person. I went back and forth if this was a husband, a boyfriend or a parent. And, to throw a bigger wrench into that conundrum, maybe “Owe It All” isn’t about a person, it could be about music. It could be about the way her art has transformed her own life. I changed my mind on each listen.

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Putting a trail of ‘oh-oh-ohs’ after the word ‘owe’ in the chorus, Blicker eases the listener deeper into a whirlpool-like escape. I mentioned Feist’s lyrical style earlier, and I think Blicker also has that slightly raspy, shadowy tail on her vocal range. You could also say she sounds a bit like Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple. “Owe It All”, a follow-up single to “Don’t Got Time” showcases Blicker’s evolving songwriting and vocal prowess. At the heart of her sound is a young artist exploring love, heartache and honesty in her lyrics. I think the sound she carves out in “Owe It All” has massive appeal and it will be interesting to see what her next song dives into. I really felt like she has a voice that is just waiting to break out – but something about the intimacy and the modesty makes it so much more impactful. I didn’t want to have her belting out in “Owe It All”. It was absolutely perfect the way it was.

Mark Druery

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