Rick Eberle – “I’m On A High” (SINGLE) 

Life is coming up roses for singer/songwriter Rick Eberle in the uber fun, “I’m On A High”. Wrapped with a plugged-in acoustic guitar, snappy rhythms and a beguiled singer skipping around the lyrics, “I’m On A High” gives songs like Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”, Hanson’s “MMMBop” and OneRepublic’s “Good Life” a run on the happy train. “I’m On A High” is like smelling the spring flowers. It’s like finding money on the street. It’s like having the car in front of you in the drive-thru pay for your meal. “I’m On A High” is a sparkler plug of a tune.

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Eberle grabs the listener from the first note. His guitar playing is ferocious, but not in a way that is distracting or angst-driven. “I’m On A High” transports the listener to an eternal sunshine, a spot in the coffeehouse or neighborhood listening room that always gets the best acoustics and has a clear view of the singer. Eberle keeps the listener toe-tapping along. Say you’ll be mine, he sings, giving a clear indicator that he’s singing his heart out for his special sweetheart. He’s completely smitten. His voice reminds me a lot of Chris Barron (The Spin Doctors) with a dash of Jason Mraz.

In the second verse, Eberle sings, you make your luck, or it makes you. I loved how this line struck me as being so true. He grins when he sings this – you can tell. Like he has the keys to the candy store and he’s figured it all out. I think when you’re happy, that energy flows to others, and people are drawn to you. You emit and radiate confidence. I felt that in the song, and Eberle corrals it all together with his amber-laced guitar playing, and the ever-so-slightly dew-dropping bass guitar. It dips, drawing out a unique, unexpected layer. After a few more listens, I found myself gravitating towards the drop; despite the bass’ lower tones, the sonic blend perks up the song even more. The percussion is persistent and again keeps the groove tight. I loved that he gives the most attention to his voice and the guitar, but with the full band sound, it makes for the live experience of this song (one can only hope) to really come alive. (That’s not to say a one-person, acoustic setting of this song wouldn’t be fantastic. I really think it would work, too)

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I also loved the line sparkling up like your eyes the first time we met. This is such a powerful and clear image. What a universal feeling and emotion to capture. This line didn’t embellish the song – it elevated it. Eberle has the personality to really convey this song, and communicate to his listener that life can throw some good stuff your way. Even if that sparkle feels like it’s going out, or dimming, there is still a spark to celebrate. I’ve used that work ‘spark’ quite a bit because that word is top of mind. You feel charged and alive listening to “I’m On A High”.

Mark Druery