Rina Chanel “Sweetest of Melody” (SINGLE)

Rina Chanel teaches fans about the power of love on her new single Sweetest of Melody. From the moment this track starts you are drawn into a world of romance. When Chanel starts to sing Sweetest of Melody secures itself as your new go to feel-good track about falling in love. Chanel captures the ease and lightheartedness that comes when you find your person. Senghor Robinson is featured on the track and his opening verse captures how I feel about Sweetest of Melody, “Now everyday, I fall more in love with you.”

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Chanel’s vocal performance is a stand out trait of Sweetest of Melody. That’s what strikes me so much about this single, is how effortless it is. From the production, to the message, Robinson and Chanel’s complimentary voices, it all comes together so easily. Chanel vocalizations throughout  the song are reminiscent of Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys. Chanel peppers them throughout Sweetest of Melody giving it more texture and an identity. One of my favorite sections is when Chanel speaks French when Robinson pauses between verses. It’s such a lovely and amorous touch that makes Sweetest of Melody a dynamic love song and a homage to classic R&B.

It had been a long time since I listened to a true R&B song. Chanel has created a track that stirs nostalgia and provokes our hearts, just like a love song should. I commend Chanel for not using electronic beats on Sweetest of Melody. The magic of this song resides in the retro feeling the duet between Chanel and Robinson creates. When Robinson starts to sing you realize that they’re singing to each other which enhances the romance in Sweetest of Melody. I love that the production of Sweetest of Melody matches the message, it’s all about the celebration of love.

Sweetest of Melody is a refreshingly positive love song. You will find no romantic contingencies on this track, this is a song that encourages being all in romantically. So often love songs turn blue or have a “You can’t have your cake and eat it too” attitude. Chanel puts herself on opposite ends of the spectrum with lyrics like, “And this feeling you give is so surreal, can’t quite put into words exactly how you make me feel.” The lyrics go on like this, commenting on the “out of this world” quality love has. Chanel celebrates the complex nature of romantic emotions with a song that makes you want to grab someone you love deeply and slow dance with them.

There’s something so alive about Sweetest of Melody. Rina Chanel has provided the world with a beautiful love song that promotes positive energy and romance. Chanel’s honesty on how transformative true love can be makes the romance in Sweetest of Melody tangible. There is nothing better than listening to music that isn’t afraid. Sweetest of Melody dares to be open about the passionate emotions that falling in love stirs in all of us. Fall in love with Sweetest of Melody, your ears surely will!

Mark Druery