Kimberly Morgan York and The Everlovin’ Band “Found Yourself A Lady” (LP)

Kimberly Morgan York and The Everlovin’ Band lasso a world of emotions in her traditional country album Found Yourself A Lady. The impressive 10-track debut is laced with love, sorrow, sing along melodies and the vocals of a singer that finds that sweet spot between elegance and confidence. Maybe those two things are nearly the same and at the very least, the Kentucky-born songstress stretches the listener’s escape for miles upon miles. Sounding like she’s in the same arena as Loretta Lynn and finding that balance Janis Joplin walked, Morgan York is a breath of fresh air. Whatever she’s been searching for – be it love, acceptance, faith, or even resolution – Morgan York quickly delivers her listeners to a cozy spot in Found Yourself A Lady.


From the honey-doo suckled sound of the steel pedal guitar in the opener “Don’t Cry to Me” to the fast tempo, twangy “Deuces and Jacks” to the beautiful ballad “Real Thing” and to the poignant closer “Now I Lay Me”, Morgan York weaves bold imagery and dreamy tones with her distinct voice. “Don’t Cry to Me”, in addition to being the lead single, also really showcases the tones and the point-of-view from this sparkplug of a storyteller. Getting the ultimate revenge and sounding completely satisfied as a woman scorned, Morgan York sings confidently, don’t cry to me, boy it’s your fault, don’t cry to me, boy you just got caught, when you play you know you can lose, and there ain’t nobody cryin for you, no there ain’t nobody crying for you. You can see the smile on her face, knowing full well that she’s crying all the way to the bank on this one.

“Real Thing” dances to a slower beat. The mellow acoustic guitar flows underneath Morgan York’s bright voice. The warm beat is nearly swallowed by the steel pedal guitar, a feature that infects each of the tracks. It’s a great tone and transforms the listener to a simpler time, a purer emotion. It feels both vintage with a sheen that could be found at any corner bar. I loved the sweetness of the tones, meshed with Morgan York’s steady vocals. She triumphantly conveys the heart and soul of an artist that has truly found her voice. I can just imagine “Real Thing” as a love story, although she’s singing about it, it doesn’t need to boast. This love is honest and humble. In a music world that suffers from both overzealous and underdone fixings, “Real Thing” is perfectly paired with music and lyrics. Finding this gem of a song in an album that is riddled with rubies and diamonds. The only thing rough about Found Yourself A Lady is that it’s only 10 tracks.


Morgan York takes it all stride – the good and bad that has happened to her in life. The term ‘lady’ has certainly taken on new meanings over the years in terms of language and image. Morgan York and The Everlovin’ Band sure make things easy to like ‘em. Found Yourself A Lady is worth the destination.

Mark Druery


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