“Santa Don’t Pass Me By” (SINGLE) by Tanille

The delightful Tanille is back on the scene with her holiday gem “Santa Don’t Pass Me By”. Discovering that love and attention to holiday details can go a long way in a relationship, Tanille’s patiently waiting for Kris Kringle to bring her boyfriend home to celebrate the holiday. A sparkle of a saxophone, a twist of some electronic pop zingers and Tanille’s bubbly optimism will jazz up any holiday playlist. Tanille, a New Yorker, has the listener hooked on her every, lovely word.

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The shear amount of holiday songs that induce melancholy or perpetuate loneliness could fill Santa’s sleigh. What Tanille does is champion the idea that it’s okay feel a bit scared, a bit confused, but you’re not just sitting on the couch crying in your Eggnog. She’s cheery, hopeful and still going on with a positive attitude. I found myself adrift in her string of harmonies – and feeling like she stretched them out for miles. Tanille, who recently dropped “Not This Time”, has a knack for creating music where she’s in control, she’s the one making decisions. I think this gives her listeners a very strong sense of her artistry and her own personality seeping through her work. It’s exciting to hear a female singer be in the position.

The music bed is rousing, but not too much to take the attention from her voice. I could hear a saxophone in the distance, a great choice. The music purrs along underneath Tanille and creates opportune moments where you think you might want to break out and dance a bit, or if you’re listening to this while decorating your home, maybe cheers to a glass of wine. I think there’s a solid groove that makes you feel like everything’s going to be okay. It’s Christmas – it has to be okay. Santa please bring my baby home tonight, Tanille sings. I found myself snapping along, too, to the melody. And, yes, my shoulders got in on the action. The music bed, combined with Tanille’s angelic voice, gives you an extra bounce in your step. You feel happy. Standing by the mistletoe all night, please come by, Tanille continues to sing. I loved this line, not because it made me feel sorry for her, but I could just imagine the heartfelt smile on her voice if he were to walk through the door at that moment. What a romantic gesture and what a fun scene to recreate.

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Let’s face it, there are many Christmas songs to choose from. And they all sound the same. Tanille really stands out with “Santa Don’t Pass Me By”. This song has a great music bed, an attention getting storyline and a singer that keeps proving with her work that she can roll with the best of ‘em. If she sounded like everyone else, she wouldn’t be as interesting. Frankly, this year, I think I’m starting a new tradition of only listening to indie artist Christmas songs. Making the top of the list is Tanille’s “Santa Don’t Pass Me By”.

Mark Druery

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