Signal 13 – “All Fired Up” (SINGLE)

Baltimore’s Signal 13 is almost too hot to handle in the new song “All Fired Up”. Hard edged and erupting bluesy guitars are just the tip of the iceberg. Lead singer Vicky Starr welds together a tough exterior with a natural command. Backing her is fearsome, fiery band that takes its rhythm just as seriously as its beats. Pure rock and roll with some east coast attitude – “All Fired Up” fuels the rock void like wildfire.


I’m all fired up, revving for you, I’m all fired up, looking at you, Starr sings. At times she sounds like Pat Benatar and Lita Ford fused together. Other times, she’s the female version of Lemmy or AC/DC’s Brian Johnson. She has a lot more growl than Pat Benatar, that’s for sure. This song has a definite barroom anthem fever. The bluesy guitar is a lot like what you’d hear from Great White, Dokken or Cinderella. The male backing vocalists offer a great bolster to Starr’s already killer vocals. When you close your eyes and listen, you feel the energy and I found myself raising my fist in the air in agreement! All fired up! Yeah!

The song’s bridge has a more of a melodic guitar riff, but it’s still lots of crashing and high hats. I loved the drum fills in this song. It’s a perfect blend of classic rock with some slight leanings towards modern arrangements. So often we look at rock songs through the lens of AC/DC, Judas Priest and ZZ Top – their songs are burned in our memories. It’s bands like Signal 13 that take that core and make it their own. I think having a female rock singer is much more common these days and Starr out front is the perfect gel to these stellar players. The bass rhythms are groovy, but not outlandish. This song feels quick and I think they could have marinated a bit more with the bass guitar, but I will take what I can get. (I can be greedy when it comes to bass guitar)

I think this song has a few meanings. I interpreted this song as a band putting in all the hours, all the elbow grease to make it big. It also doubly gives the chance for the listener to take it on their own choose your own adventure. The lines the crossroads of life are sold on tracks, burning up time, stack deck, life is too short to just back, ink the deal, sign the check made me think of living for today. Don’t worry about the cost of something now if it’s in investment in yourself. The only person that you can stack up against yourself is well, you. I can easily imagine  “All Fired Up” as a montage song for a sports segment or Rocky-type of movie. Signal 13 do a masterful job of bringing the energy of a live show into the studio. “All Fired Up” is the sleeper hit of 2020. I can see this one burning up the charts soon, even if it takes one listener at a time.

Mark Druery

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