Tommy Botz releases “Teddy Bear”


Tommy Botz is a songwriter on a journey that is said to be one of “hardship, compassion, and redemption.” And out of that long story comes the song “Teddy Bear,” sung by Logan Wells, and written by Botz, for a fellow inmate while locked up in an Ohio penitentiary. The story runs much deeper concerning how the child passed away, but it’s a long story as well and can be found elsewhere. The track itself also has a back story concerning how it came to be in general, but that too can be discovered by looking more into Botz himself.

This country song is as good as they come, and totally relates to what it was written about, with a remarkable vocal performance in the studio by Logan Wells. It’s all about being taken from the Lord, complete with a strong gospel vibe. If you’re thinking your daddy’s country, think your granddaddy and you’re in warmer territory. But that’s what’s so good about it, which is most often the case, but not always. But you know what anyone means when they say it, so it’s never a bad thing when I hear that term to describe a title of the popular genre.

Hank Williams comes to mind first and foremost when I hear something like this, female vocals or not. It’s traditional in every way, and anyone who knows how to write and play songs like this, knows exactly what they like and what their audience likes. It’s a sure shot from there as long-as the music and lyrics are done with taste. I like modern country music, don’t get me wrong, but there doesn’t seem to be any mold when it comes to the songwriting, unless it’s the pop-oriented stuff, which I am not into, so “Teddy Bear” is much more up my alley in a different-strokes world.

All factors about a great song are what matter most, and they’re found on “Teddy Bear,” everywhere you look. It begins with a bit of twinkling, probably best described as porch chimes, and it’s a great effect to get the song started before it goes into a full-on country music tale. The voice of Logan stands up to any you will hear these days, and that includes any genre of music. This can be made no secret of within the first line, and you can’t deny the rest from there. It makes you want to hear more of everything they have to offer, it’s that hypnotic.

“Teddy Bear” will practically haunt you with a holy sort of blues effect that won’t quit till the end. This is the work of truly masterful songwriting and playing, as if it’s been years in the making, which I can’t say either way, but it doesn’t seem rushed or contrived like a lot of modern country tunes, and it competes with the best in traditional style country. These are the makings of a winning ticket together, and if Tommy Botz stays the course it won’t be the last, we’ll hear of this excellent artist, and the same goes for the vocal prowess of Logan Wells.


Mark Druery