Wildfire “Like Home” (feat. Honey County) (SINGLE)

“Like Home” is the new standout single from Houston’s power duo, Wild Fire. Capitalizing on a universal theme, and honing in their fantastic harmonies, this sister team continues to dazzle the country pop scene with their talents. Comprised of Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig, Wild Fire has the hopelessly unfair advantage of sibling harmonies. “Like Home” is about being apart from a boyfriend, and maybe to some degree, that distance might be smaller than the listener thinks. What is for certain is that Wild Fire gets the listener hook, line and sinker. “Like Home” has all the feels.

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While it might be sentimental and even a bit wholesome, “Like Home” also has a sassy, rockin’ side. The guitar work and the rhythm section are summer-like, or like what you might imagine as the background music in a coming-of-age movie. The music is upbeat, moving forward. It’s interesting because the lyrical content and the Wild Fire vocals’ are more reflective of the past and pondering memories. With every word you make me feel safe, they sing. Protection and even being wrapped in your high school shirt bring to light a theme. This song is about honoring the past and feeling secure. I don’t think it’s about feeling insecure about the relationship, it’s more about being apart and wanting that confidence that the other person is still thinking of you, just as you are thinking of them.

As you pull back the layers to “Like Home” the cuteness appears, but so does the authenticity. Wild Fire, though the sisters are still in their teens, have a matureness in their voice. When I closed my eyes and heard their voices I felt the honesty of Dolly Parton, the optimism of Taylor Swift and the integrity of Reba McEntire. What you have with Wild Fire is a nod to the classic country, the founders if you will, but a giant step into the modern pop/country blend. What they have delivered in “Like Home” is radio ready. This might not be their anthem, big arena song (yet) but I do think it’s one of their key songs.

Wild Fire have previously released the tracks “What If We Never Met”, “Seventeen”, “Rose Colored Glasses”, “Rolling With The Stones”, “Flaunt” and “Cut U Off.” Their sonic and lyrical growth is exciting. I can hear that they are trying, always searching for new ways to communicate to their fans through music. They have a knack for conveying their hearts and sharing their truths. Really though, I’d love to hear “Like Home” in a live setting. I think this song has an intimacy feel to it – perfect for the Blue Bird Café (look out Nashville!) or a small listening room. I’m hopeful Wild Fire can get on a bigger tour and bring this song to the masses. I’d also like to pair them with a band that is not your typical country artist. Their sound has a great appeal to it – and “Like Home” really , well, brings that idea home. “Like Home” is produced by Austin Moorhead. The song is co-written by Honey County, a Nashville-based female duo.

Mark Druery