Chad Bushnell “Outa Style” (SINGLE)

Chad Bushnell got more than he bargained for when he and his lady love took a break. That break turned into a long, larger than Texas time off. “Outa Style” is a fun, upbeat country rocker with loads of melodic changeups, gregarious lyrical style and some perfectly-placed steel pedal. Bushnell proves he can be the next big country crooner with the heart of gold. He also proves that guys can be just as sensitive as the opposite sex. “Outa Style” is further proof that great songwriting is always in vogue.


Singing like the world is his oyster and that it takes a lot to bring his mood down from happy-go-lucky, Bushnell shows great vulnerability in this modern country tune. I hesitated to call it a nod to classic country, mostly because I felt like the click of the drum sticks for the percussion and the rowdy electric guitar arrangements beckon one to the modern pop country genre. That said, Bushnell isn’t your typical country singer. His voice has a hue of honesty, integrity and perhaps a bit of wholesomeness. The undercurrent to this song has warmth and while the steel pedal is longing (and sometimes melancholy to my ears), I tried to not let that bias to the instrument cloud my viewpoint. At least I hope I didn’t. Bushnell is really hurt by this woman heading on a road trip/girls trip and the time away proves he’s not okay with the time apart. Not like he thought he would be after some arguments.

Takin’ time like it’s going out of style, Bushnell sings. That slight twang in his voice matches the guitar gleam. What I enjoyed about Bushnell’s lyrical style is that he allows the listener to marinate into the story. He takes his time spinning a well-rounded storyline. I would say he bonuses a few lines compared to the song arrangement we seem to be conditioned to (on today’s radio spins). He has this relentless charm, this lovable spirit. He comes across as a guy you want to champion. Listening to the guitar riffs and flow is like a charged honky tonk dance hall. It’s just fun and I can easily see a group of dancers kicking up their boots to get moving to this track.

Bushnell is a Chico State University graduate (Chico, Calif.) and earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing. I would say he’s well on his way of marketing a brand that is full of fresh guitar shapes, snappy rhythms and entertaining lyrics. He really spins a great story and he connects with his listener. In 2018 he garnered a first-place win at the Inspirational Country Showdown in Yuba City, Calif. The next year he took home New Artist of the Year at the Inspirational Country Music Awards. He’s also a Contemporary Country Vocalist of the Year Josie Music Awards Winner (2020). Combining his spiritual character and a likeable vibe, Bushnell is ready to take that next level. “Outa Style” is a wonderful, enjoyable country hit. Only the sky is his limit.

Mark Druery