Kristen Ford “Grey Sky Blue” (SINGLE)

The frenetic riffs mashed up against the voice of a new generation, Kristen Ford sets the stage for a space-age modern rock sound in the crushing “Grey Sky Blue”. The Nashville-based singer/songwriter is a whirlwind of blasting, distorted guitar and a candy-laced pop vocal. The instant rhythm and the drizzling bedazzled tone makes “Grey Sky Blue” much more colorful than its name suggests. Unmistakably catchy, it’s not an atypical alt pop tune with punk leanings. “Grey Sky Blue” is from the forthcoming album War in the Living Room. This indie-darling proves once again her unique pallet is a breath of fresh air and whimsical world.



One of the first feelings I had listening to this song is the levity. It has this bounce to it, almost effervescent. It’s as if science fiction shows like The Expanse had a singular sound. What steals your attention in “Grey Sky Blue” is the amalgamation of cobalt sounds, mechanical or industrial rock and bedroom pop longing. Ford’s voice is hushed or affixed under the guitar mix. If you’re a fan of the band Foster The People or MGMT, this is a technique that will peak your interest. And it should. You feel the presence of something bigger, that her voice is perhaps making a statement that she can’t get above the fray. This song possesses a vibe that her heart is tethered to someone – and that her head is taking her to other spaces and people. She’s stuck in the middle.

In previous Ford outings, her artistry has been methodically eclectic. Her work has sewn together folk, reggae, pop and even beat box – to name a few. I’m sure at one point, there’s a new genre that hasn’t even described what Ford is doing, but for the sake of this review, “Grey Sky Blue” is a bit of a departure from her other stuff. It’s exciting. I don’t think she ventures too far that she will alienate her fans. She will certainly attract new fans. “Grey Sky Blue” is pure honesty. She has such a wonderful mix of natural harmonies and personality in her timbre. It’s a rich, vibrant echo.

Ford diffuses the emotion and encapsulates an essence. The energetic guitar intermixed with her laid-back, almost philosophical approach catches fire. This is a slow burn, but a wildly entertaining adventure. It’s positively fresh, exciting. Whatever your mindset is going into “Grey Sky Blue” this song, I can only imagine, will transport you to another blissful state-of-mind. Wrapped in a lush production filter, Ford is a unique voice and it’s easy to be enamored with her. There’s that “it” factor in her voice. You can’t quite pinpoint why you like it, or what it means to you, but it takes you to far off places that you just keep wanting to escape to. With just a bit of a caffeinated vibe, the song gets your heart racing. This is a different kind of ride, and a funky, gripping ride that I beg to keep riding – “Grey Sky Blue” is audaciously different.

Mark Druery


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