Right Before the Gig

So you’ve arrived at the set, set up and performed a blinding gig to a lively and appreciative crowd. All that remains is packing up equipment and collecting your fee right? Guess again. Over the years I’ve seen many bands fail to do the following immediately after a show. You may think some of these items are no braiders, but trust me after a great show, and before you dive head first into the after show party  – its very easy to forget some of these items.

–        Made an equipment checklist and marked everything then it will be easy to make sure you have everything you came with!

–        Never leave your instruments or equipment unguarded.

–        Ensure someone has to collect the money and sign paperwork if required, so make sure you have your contract or confirmation letter with you at the gig.

–        If there is a dispute and you are under paid or the venue refuses to pay there are some steps you can take to retrieve your money and/or prevent the venue repeating this with other artists/bands etc.

–        Don’t forget to hand out the set song list. Make sure it’s easy to read, and waterproof. I used to duct tape mine to the stage.

What to do if there is a payment dispute:

If there is a dispute following the show http://www.afm.org/ can act on your behalf to recover the money. You should also inform your local musicians union about the incident. If you are not yet a member yet of a Local MU yet you should join one. Serious and repeat non-payment offenders are often included in the Musicians Union newsletter or blacklist to warn other performers. Trust me this works. It’s worth joining as the MU has a number of free and reduced fee services for musicians.