Where do A&R Representatives look for new talent

If you were an A&R and you needed a band where would you go look? This is probably the most important paragraph in this entire package, because knowing where the A&R looks for talent is the key to putting it under their noses. It is also the foundation this strategy is based on. A&R representatives discover new bands through:

-Independent record labels
-Listening to college radio stations
-Searching the bins of mom-and-pop record stores
-Attending local club performances
-Reading reviews in local and national trade magazines
-Attending annual music conventions and conferences
-Surfing the Internet for MP3 music files
-Keeping a watchful eye on Sound Scan reports (a service that reports album sales figures by tracking registered bar codes)
-Network with studio owners to see what promising bands are beginning their recording process
-They also rely on referrals made from established bands, record label scouts, friends and relatives of industry executives, reputable producers, managers, attorneys, and publishing companies.

The sooner you understanding where A&R’s look for music, the closer you are towards achieving your goal. Putting your music smack dab in the middle of the A&R’s radar screen – is absolutely critical.