You got the Gig, now what?

So you got the gig, congratulations! Now what? Below are some simple tips to help you avoid those awful ‘oh no’ moments, especially if your band members are bad timekeepers, lousy with directions or have short term memories! Of course if you have never been late, missed, double booked anything, forgotten or mislaid anything you can skip this article altogether. Trust me you might want to write some of this down. Some of this stuff may seem like no brainers but I’ve seen bands mess these up year after year, the end result can lead to disaster, or even non-payment.

–        Ensure all band members know the Gig Date, Venue Address, Set Up and Soundcheck times well in advance and remind them again the day prior to the event.

–        List and mark all your equipment including leads, spares, plugboards, accessories etc., and check everything prior to leaving for the venue and of course at the end of the gig. Not labeling these items ca cause them to walk.

–        Set up and check your equipment regularly to ensure there are no embarrassing failures on the night.

–        Always carry spare speaker, amp, power leads, power supply, fuses, an extra long extension plug board, strings, plectrum and spare microphone. Working bands need all of these sooner or later so be prepared.

–        Always have a backup guitar spring-loaded for mid song change out’s.

–        Solo acts, DJ’s and Karaoke Entertainers when using their own P.A. should get a second amp and carry a back up disc of their songs for emergencies where possible.

Remember playing a show, or attacking a busy tour schedule is a coordinated effort and requires a lot of logistical support to pull of flawlessly. Avoid getting complacent show after show.