What changes are happening in your life these days when it comes to your career?

The big one is my album’s out! My hope is the release will help me connect with a larger audience and other musicians in Seattle (my home base) and beyond. With the pandemic it’s really difficult to map out live shows, so for now I’m just enjoying having my music out there and promotion of the album will be a priority in the Fall.

What is the current state of your music?

Right now it’s still experimental in the loosest sense possible. I have a lot of influences and acts I admire, and I’m weeding through how to make myself stand out amongst them all. I think I’m doing a decent job while still finding my own sound.

How are you choosing to spend your time when not making music?

In the Summer months I love hitting the trails and camping. Being in the Pacific Northwest provides a ton of opportunity to unplug. In the Winter months I really enjoy learning about other topics. I’m slowly working through a book on the basic ideas of sociology. It’s been a fascinating read and very applicable for today’s age with how interconnected we are.

What do you take away from the music that inspires you?

I take away how I feel in that moment and what’s happening sonically to make me feel that way. I understand why genres exist but I don’t usually like to think of my artistry that way. Certain songs absolutely, but not the whole story. When you create from emotion, it gives you a ton of breathing room to create and try new ideas.

What is the most important foundation to creating a fulfilling career in music?

100% its authenticity. It starts with the self – “is this song true to me?” Most people can tell when you’re faking it, and with how many niche audiences there are with the internet, you can be your true self and find people who will latch on. I think most artists would rather have 1 person listen to their songs 10 times than 10 people who listen to their songs once.

What about a fulfilling life?

I think authenticity works the same way with everyday living. If there’s a dissonance between your outer and inner-self, you will never be fulfilled. Being true to who you are and what you want is the only way to truly achieve self-actualization.

Leave us with a personal story that connects to your latest single?

I’ll reference the album here since it’s based on the same experience. In 2019 I was on my 3rd therapist in two years and finally started achieving breakthroughs for finding inner peace. I had to let go of who I thought I was and it allowed me to enjoy being the person I am today. The journey of that process is what the album is about, which is why it has its highs and lows with a lot of chaos in between.

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You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @amsokollmusic. All streaming links are available at linktr.ee/amsokoll.

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