Lanny Paul

Hello, Lanny Paul, please tell us more about your new release and the inspirations behind the music and those extremely professional videos. 

It is long in the making (licensing issues being resolved as well as now distributing thru a Warner Record Subsidiary .. but it will release sometime late October .. and also a new video for “Friday” .. as far as

You have an incredible singing range, how do you hit those notes??? 

Lots of pain inflicted on myself .. and learning to relax certain areas of the throat.. it’s hard to tell or show like a bicep.. to develop the internal muscles you’ve got to have immense intuition and mental picture creating within your own mind since you can’t actually see these muscles in the mirror.. it can be complicated .. and takes a lot of work..

What have been your greatest achievements in the music industry so far? 

Just making some music with impact.. great achievements are definitely on the radar.. it’s just been writing and honing thus far.. I feel the timing is good to get some fresh rock into mainstream NOW!!

Your musical styling is extremely unique and original.  Who are your style and musical icons? 

Almighty Chris Cornell has been a huge influence on me .. he was an amazing artist .. and I cannot day enough good about him, he is / was genius and genuine and my ICON for sure. Marq Torien and Sebastian Bach played some parts in my infrastructure for sure.. as even Lenny Kravits.. Kurt Cobain.. all very powerful voices.. I really like Jazz singer Dianna Krall as well, and feel some sort of influence by her.. and many others. . Lately Latin Jazz has been on my dial .. I’m diggin it .. as is Billie Eilish .. she also is very unique.. I like her style

Which of your songs is typically your crowd favorite?  

Hopeless and Friday.. Friday seems to have been very catchy .. but hopeless probably takes the cake..

What do you feel creates an unforgettable musical experience?  

Connecting with the audience and being relatable .. that’s where it is at..

Anything else you would like to share with our readers today about 2020 and beyond plans? 

Lots of new stuff sitting and waiting to be delivered to everyone’s ears.. some shows coming up as well and some REALLY special music to be released we’ve been holding out on.. stay tuned to my Instagram @lannypaulmusic and YouTube channel.. you may even hear some music in some tv shows.. will keep you posted via IG.. thank you for this opportunity..

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