What do you hope to achieve with the music you create? 

We hope our music inspires and maybe gives others a nice break from their day!

How much time do you spend in your day on your music? 

Not that much to be honest; we’re full-time students! But the time we do spend working creatively is on practicing, rehearsing our set, planning future releases and plans, and laughing a lot with one another.

How do you like to unwind when not making music? 

All of us are big movie buffs, so there are a lot of group movie nights on the downtime. Travis (guitarist) and Debo (drummer) are roommates and they happen to have a hot tub in their backyard. Now THAT is a way to unwind as well!

What’s next for you? 

We have two very exciting music videos on the way– one for “Familiar Ghosts” that our bassist Jo Jeffries is animating and one that we filmed recently for “Cutthroat”. We’ll be headed back into the studio this summer! Stay tuned for more.

What is a short term goal you’ve set for yourself and a long term goal? 

A short-term one is simply songwriting more; we honestly don’t have that many in our catalog of originals. A long-term one is to possibly plan out a longer tour– we’ve never attempted that before. Only time will tell where the wind will take us!

How do our followers follow you? 

We’re on all digital music platforms! Our debut EP “Pyrite and Steel” releases everywhere online April 22.





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