What is the most proud piece of work you’ve put out so far in your career?

I think we always love our most current piece. As we move along, we get more insight into ourselves, our writing methods, our instruments, recording technology, production skills etc etc. So, in this case, “Rhapsody in C19”. We already have a new work in the mix, so we’re excited to see how this develops.

What’s your favorite verse in a song? 

From “Rhapsody in C19”… “Every time you see… the best. This is your beauty; This is really nonsense.”

Do your songs translate what’s going on in your life currently? 

All our songs reflect our views on current situations; politically, socially, spiritually, environmentally, emotionally.

Give us one word to describe your music?


Give us one to describe you as a band?


What would fans be surprised to know about you all? 

We have been writing music together since 1981.

What do you think they wouldn’t be so shocked to know?

We’ve been told our music has been very influential throughout the years.

Worst advice not to follow for the band just starting out?

To follow someone else’s sound.


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