Alex Alan releases “Deranged” Single ft. Juan Guti

“Fight for love Every time You feel Deranged” is a note that Alex Alan of Airborn sneaks to listeners in the new release “Deranged”. The peculiar capitalization of certain words gives a natural emphasis and triggers uber focused sensibilities. It’s only when you discover that those same words spell out the four tracks on Airborn that Alan reveals yet another fun artistic trait. Aiding Alan in his downward spiral of emotions is the virtuoso guitarist Juan Guti. “Deranged” is worth the fight.


Alan’s musical base could be compared to Angles and Airwaves, Radiohead and uniquely his own alternative rock sound. He’s a bit mysterious and leaves the music to tell his story. Airborn has four songs total – “Fight for Love”, “Everytime” and “You Feel”. “Deranged” is the longest song of the four and it really secures a strong, lingering impression. The embellishments of master guitar player Guti adds an organic, woodsier vibe to an electronic tone. Those varying sounds are exciting and add quite a bit more depth. With a song title like “Deranged” the first thought would be that the music would be heavy in percussion, and chaotic guitar riffs and throbbing bass guitar. Alan’s taste falls almost into a controlled environment, leaving the listener centered.

I really like Alan’s voice. He’s easy to understand and there’s a modesty, clarity in his timbre. He’s not faint and he’s not yelling, but he definitely sings from his heart. When he sings “lately you’ve been stuck in my head, lately you’ve been stuck in my bed” he’s scurrying through the words, like this person is just taking over his thoughts.  He can’t even sleep without this person invading his mind and dreams. The powerful lines “you are something I can’t change, I guess that’s why I feel deranged” gave me the idea that he’s going crazy trying to please this person. That this person has him running ragged and he’s just the one raising his blood pressure, he’s the one that feels like he’s lost. The power of love will do that, and yet he keeps going back to this person.

When he sings the word “deranged” he plays with the pronunciation and splits it into three syllables. The music underneath is but a thin layer, but still noticeable. Again, I thought there would be more percussion, but when Guti’s guitar bridge warms the setting it’s a tornado of guitar and adds drama to all ready heightened experience.

Another lasting line, “I need an angel, tell me it will be all right” feels like he’s really working through the self-doubt. His demons are overpowering him, this person is toxic. One other way to interpret this ‘angel’ is that maybe he wants the person he first fell in love with, the angelic side of this person to reappear.

Alternative rock fans should take a listen, dive right into discovering an artist like Alex Alan. Airborn’s “Deranged” is one fine song. Sometimes it’s okay to go a little mad and an artist like Alan is the guy to take you there.

Mark Druery

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