Denny Bowen – “Bound for Glory” (SINGLE)

“Bound For Glory” takes the listener to a higher level of fun and fulfillment – this new track from Denny Bowen is something to write home about. Bridging together country and some southern gospel hymn-like emotions, Bowen centers his lyrics on his personal growth. What listeners will receive, in return, is an outstanding coda that also entertains fans of pop, folk and roots rockers. “Bound For Glory” is one fun musical trek.


The potent acoustic guitar, strumming its way like it’s spreading the good one on its own, is just one highlight of the musical bedrock. Bowen does a fantastic job of making the listener feel like it’s a large band (think Lyle Lovett and His Large Band or anything by Emmylou Harris) and he’s the main headliner. In other words, he plays like this is the last song he will ever write and perform. His creation is magnificent, but humble at the same time. “Bound For Glory” seems to be missing a backing choir – if anything – but the good news is that I can sing it in my car and imagine a full backing crew alongside my voice. He gets you humming along, and he gets the chorus stuck in your head. I was bound for failure, now I’m bound for glory, Bowen sings.

Bowen, who is based in Texas, has a weathered crackle in his voice. He sounds more like the scratch in his voice is from some hard living, which he alludes to in a few lyrical stanzas. I think it gives it more character – like a worn in baseball glove. You wouldn’t take someone as serious if they showed up to a baseball game with a brand-new glove. Give me someone with wear and tear on their voice any day of the week. He brings such a warmth, too, that when I closed my eyes to listen, I could easily picture him smiling away in that recording studio. I’m not sure how many takes it took him to record the vocal tracks, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were just one-and-done. He has pure talent – and his voice is evidence of that remarkable thing we call life.


My crystal ball says that in a few years from now, after Bowen has released a few more singles, and maybe even a few more albums, that this will be his signature song. He encapsulates so much in this song. I was hopelessly lost, now I’m found he sings, giving the listener ample empathy. Bowen strides along the song, keeping time as if he were tapping his leg on the front porch on a summer’s evening. For such a revealing song, an authentic testimony, Bowen shares his faults. By doing so, he creates a positive from that negative. “Bound For Glory” is a positive contribution to the indie music scene. It’s one of 2021’s best to date. Bowen’s singing style and music composition is excellent. I’m a new fan of his work and can see myself coming back to this one again for comfort.

Mark Druery