“Forever On” by skinsNbones

“Forever On” is the charging new single from Australian rock band, skinsNbones. Out now via Bongo Boy Records, this gritty offering catapults the listener into pounding, tight rock orchestration. A nod to the classic rock sound of Sammy Hagar and the polished drills of Five Finger Deathpunch, “Forever On” is a great escape for any hard rock and classic rock aficionado.

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The lyrics are great too. I really enjoyed the storyline and viewpoint. The path of life it twists and turns forever on, forever onwards through unending left, right and wrongs, the spark of life it always burns forever on, forever enlightening always, forever on, ever on, sings baritone blessed Jason Kafoa. He sounds much more like Bon Scott than Brian Johnson. AC/DC fans should note that skinsNBons is more T.N.T era than The Razors Edge era. Obviously missing is the Angus Young guitar playing, but the tight percussion and rhythmic sound coming from “Forever On” is very worthy. It’s easy to compare these guys to AC/DC because of the Australian ties, but also sonically, they are in the same ballpark. Kafoa’s voice has that weathered, blistered sheen. He sounds like he’s been in the studio all morning singing this one and that grime is the perfect blend with his already deep tenor. Just like many hard rockers, too, the bass guitar is in there, but it’s very subtle.

I also really loved the lines no bridges should be burned, gladly leave them all behind, they’ll always serve a purpose. This struck me as having much more depth than what you typically hear from a hard rock tune. Shame on me for assuming I wouldn’t be getting more textured, meaningful lyrics. It’s universal. We’ve all traveled the path of life and jettisoned someone or people in our life at one point. It’s inevitable. This song reminds us that’s all part of the journey and to learn from it, and keep trucking. Baggage is part of life so embrace the challenges. “Forever On” has a knack for capturing that sound of regret and making it sound positive. It’s still hard rock sound, so it’s not going to leave you skipping in a field of flowers, but it will caffeinate your day. It’s great to listen to a rock song that gives the listener perspective and connects on a level besides an audacious guitar riff. It has those, too, don’t get me wrong, but this song really surprised me in a very good way.

Overall, “Forever On” has a timeless appeal. I think this is a fine rock and roll track and skinsNbones should be on your radar if you’re a fan of AC/DC, Grand Funk Railroad, Thin Lizzy, Godsmack and Greta Van Fleet. “Forever On” is doing its part in being the cog in the rock factory. Little by little we’re seeing the return of rock and this is one huge step for the genre. It’s heart pounding, energized and a great set of lyrics. High marks indeed for skinsNBones and “Forever On”.

Mark Druery

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