Kanisha K releases Talk is Cheap

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This is a punchy, feisty new single from Nashville based Kanisha K, a powerful new singer and promising songwriter building a reputation as one of modern country music’s premier young performers. She is sure to increase her public attention with the new single “Talk is Cheap”, a passionate and lyrically intelligent number widening the distance between herself and a score of lesser cookie cutter talents. This is country, but it’s definitely not your grandfather’s idea of country music and the rock influences running through this song are undeniable. Most of the efforts in that vein come across in the song’s lead guitar work and drumming. The lead guitar never takes any sort of extended solo spot and resolutely avoids wasting a listener’s time, but it instead builds on the song’s inherent sweep with some blazing licks flaring from the arrangement. There’s some acoustic guitar and other instruments in the mix that further flesh out the songwriting and make the song an overall more substantive listening experience.

Her singing doesn’t merely hit the target. It’s the guiding spirit of this song and she rides the winding, often dramatic vocal melody with certainty of someone who’s been waiting a while to deliver the song’s message. “Talk is Cheap”, even in the hands of another performer, is a fundamentally fine example of popular songwriting, but the effect Kanisha K has on the song with her voice alone takes this song from the realm of outstanding into stratospheric heights. In the hands of a lesser performer, as well, “Talk is Cheap” might be too denunciatory, too sour, to linger long with listeners after hearing it a first time, but there’s no danger of that here. Both the mood of her voice and the musical arrangement give the song an exhilarated tone.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/kanisha-k/talk-is-cheap/s-Sdd6e

The way the arrangement breaks down the song’s vocal melody gives it increased punching power and its command of manipulating dramatics becomes especially apparent during the song’s bridge. It, likewise, affords Kanisha an opportunity to showcase her versatility as a singer as she sensitively modulates her voice to memorable effect. The moody ending to the song is well crafted and has a slightly open-ended quality that doesn’t mar the listening experience. It’s the finest moment yet in a career that’s shaping up to have endurance and lasting value for music fans. “Talk is Cheap” entertains, harvests fertile emotional territory, and comes with a tour de force vocal performance courtesy of its spotlighted performer. It’s Kanisha K’s best release so far, Originally from Michigan, Kanisha K’s voice is pure rock and roll, American South blues drawl, and raw physicality running side by side with her exceptional technical abilities. “Talk is Cheap” is a resounding statement of identity and self respect that lodges in the memory and doesn’t soon fade.

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