Lord & Lady release “The Lift”

Lord & Lady release “The Lift”

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While some artists might be content in trying to sell you something that you already bought from someone else, the prismatic twosome that is the pop band Lord & Ladyaren’t looking to rob you blind. They’re not looking to make a record that prides itself in being original but instead just gives us songs that are about how original they wish they could be. They’re definitely not trying to prove to you that they’re relevant, and you can be to if you follow their ethos with your wallet always on the table. And I could be wrong, but I don’t feel like they want to make a record that they group up listening to and are desperately trying to recapture. The past is the past. The feelings are gone and replaced with brand new ones that we need to address. And Lord & Lady aren’t backing down from the future; they’re diving head first into the unknown. The manipulation of the music machine has become all too transparent to the general public. The artists are here to take control now, finally, and once and for all (hopefully). The label owners and the corrupt promoters and their sleazy politics just don’t have the grip over our world that they once did, and for the better, we’re giving the reigns over to the songwriters who are the very reason that we have all of the joy and love that their medium has brought so richly and exceptionally into our lives.

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Lord & Lady’s new single is called “The Lift,” and it is the boost that the band needed if they have any hope of taking over the Billboard Hot 100 chart amidst all of the awesomely talented acts we’ve got making music this year. “The Lift” is a very simple song, but underneath its hushed beats and glowing duets, it is structured almost like one of Beethoven’s symphonies. There’s a million little wheels turning at once like a well-oiled machine when you break this track down to just nuts and bolts. So much is happening at once and yet it’s all one collective force, like a huge orchestra all working together in perfect synchronicity under the direction of a single conductor. Breathtaking. In fact, a classical interpretation of “The Lift” might make for an even more thrilling recording for us to analyze the songwriters behind this magnetic pop track. It’s amazing that Scott Oatley and Rachel Panchal are the only two musicians in Lord & Lady, because they feel more like a choir of 200 angels singing together in unison, serenading us with the story of how love can take over our lives and occupy our minds with the most gleeful recklessness.

“The Lift” is just the first single from the pair’s much talked about upcoming extended play, No Ghost, which will be out in about a month’s time and making its case for most exciting release of the year amongst the college radio crowd. I implore you to pick up a copy when it arrives and see just what all the excitement is about for yourself.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsZwuz2Idyo

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