Lucky Harmon – “Party Life” (SINGLE)

There hasn’t been a lot of partying going on in 2020, but that hasn’t stopped Lucky Harmon from putting out some of the best beats of his career in the form of “Party Life” this December, and critics are taking notice. Whether it’s his efficient lead vocal or the equally lean and mean grooves that circle us like sharks just waiting to go in for the kill, Lucky Harmon’s moves are sounding fresher than they have in years here, and though he isn’t changing anything about the foundation of his sound, this definitely has the look and feel of a new chapter in his story.


I love the static energy that exists between the bassline and the lead vocal here, and while it’s not the only element making the lyrics sound a little more pressurized, it’s undeniably the reason why I was so tuned-in with the opening verses when I sat down with the track for the first time. There’s a lot to say about the finer bits of noise and texture Lucky Harmon is utilizing to forge a backdrop here, but without getting to technical, it’s the very fact that he’s taking the time to highlight such detail that makes his style worth examining closer.

The percussion on the backend is a little punchy, but I think that’s necessary to some extent for us to appreciate just how much of a volatile force this artist is contending with in this performance. Lucky Harmon is always maintaining his composure here, as is his collaborator in Bboy Fidget, and in showing us that he doesn’t need to put up a big synthesized melody at the top of the mix in order to find buoyancy in every beat, he further confirms his eminence not only as a songwriter but as an arranger and performer as well.

Though it’s not quite as tonally sophisticated as some of the previous releases to bear his moniker have been, this most recent studio work packs such a wallop when we’re least expecting to get one that it’s hard to imagine this song not performing well with a crossover audience perhaps disinclined to try someone as alternative as Lucky Harmon is in the past. There’s a major difference between selling out and simply evolving along with your music, and this is an instance in which the latter is absolutely what’s taking place.


Those who have been needing some big beats and smart vocals in their life need to consider “Party Life” a credible option for non-holiday playlists this December, as it focuses on both instrumental elements as well as an aspect of life most of us just haven’t been able to indulge in for almost a full year now. I’m very eager to find out where Lucky Harmon is going to go with his sound after this, and if there were any critics thinking he was about to plateau at the start of the new decade, I think “Party Life” will do a good job of shutting them down before the year has expired.

Mark Druery