Melanie Rogers – “Fever” (SINGLE)

This is Melanie Rogers’ coming of age moment as a performer and songwriter. Her new single “Fever” isn’t her first release, but it is her debut as a songwriter and she sounds ready to take the reins of her musical voyage in a way she wasn’t before. Her self-assurance comes through during every minute of this single and she fills the track with an unquestioned presence instead of the cookie-cutter approach you hear from many similar performers. The song’s subject is a relationship built on infatuation fading out and the heartbreaking realization of this happening She has an evocative musical landscape for this message, thanks to producer Jesse Field, and her voice inhabits this sonic world with cathartic seductiveness. You feel her pain and the resulting empathy she creates in listeners is one of the most appealing aspects of this track.



It is not a talent all singers possess. Rogers, however, sounds like an utterly natural, unbridled, able to use her voice like an exploratory vehicle charting her emotional landscape. She invites us, her listeners, into this searching of self. She conveys the experiences of a relationship built on sand and destined to fail from its heated birth to its equally impactful conclusion with verbiage anyone can comprehend.  Her foremost priority is communicating her story to listeners, not impressing us with her poetic gifts. This willingness to meet listeners on their level is an important factor in the single’s success.

Her voice gains added velocity during the chorus and you can’t help but be lulled into utter listening bliss by her vocals during the verses. She puts a great deal of attention towards her phrasing and the clear enunciation she achieves in each line of “Fever” gives it an intensity it might have otherwise lacked. The musical arrangement and playing approach pair up well with her singing and maintain a unity of sound and presentation from beginning to end.

That latter point is among the track’s strongest qualities. Many songs are developed to their fullest potential musically but don’t quite measure up vocally. Or the opposite may be true. “Fever”, however, isn’t disappointing on any level. Rogers and her cohorts have crafted a track complete in every way and possessing a bounty of entertaining attributes that gives it wide appeal. This is the sort of track capable of expanding her profile and making her countless new fans in the process.

Many listeners will be enthralled by the individual instrumental performances. The rhythm section has just the right amount of swing for this piece yet possesses the necessary precision to make waves commercially. The guitar work, however, has more than a single texture and weaves its way through the track with a tasty soul. It is a musical exclamation point of a kind for this cut and underlines the hot-tempered emotions giving birth to this song and recording. “Fever” likely represents a new dawn for Melanie Rogers, her first songwriting credit in a budding career, and there will undoubtedly be more to come.

Written by Clifford Brody, posted by Mark Druery