Nightfly – “Who’s In” (SINGLE/VIDEO)

Nightfly is cranking up the energy with “Who’s In”, a sing along and move along gem that will surely entertain the masses. It’s no surprise that Nightfly calls Florida home – what better breeding ground for funk, blues, jazz and pop rock grooves. In what feels like a personal invitation, an open hand to start dancing and let loose, Nightfly doesn’t back down once with its spinning, sparkling and helluva fun time in “Who’s In”. Party band – maybe, but there’s some top notch musicianship happening in this song. “Who’s In” is it!


Leading the fun parade is the beguiling Diane Moore. Her voice is sultry enough to seduce any listener, but modest enough to feel like she’s down-to-earth as they come. Right away she makes the listener feel like they are at home and about to get cozy with the music, as she jells so nicely with the backing sound. The beat and rhythm section is electric, with a fitting bounce that elicits the sounds of beach wear and lake living.

“Who’s In” has many steeps and even the valleys – moments of transitions – create a tantalizing mix of humid, heat and libations. I’m sure I have cornered myself with the Florida connection, but this sound reminds me of the Key West lifestyle and the sensations of your toes hitting that gorgeous sand and catching a few waves with friends. I don’t want to give you the impression that this song is an island-music song. No. It’s wet with jazz and a lovely mix of blues and rock. I suppose if it were a drink, it might even be a Long Island Iced Tea! Maybe not. I found myself melting away into the drums, chasing that rhythm.

While it is a party song, and keeps the mood fun and bright, I do think the underlying message is to not get too bogged down by life. Look out for each other and look out for your own mental health. Moore sings, I’m just about to lose these blues and that line reminded me of the moments when you just have had enough of being in a bad mood. Something just clicks or someone helps you put that grin back on your face. I guess you could say this whole song just clicks, and dives deeper and deeper into a musical menagerie. Just when you think that the tease of the piano, like it’s winding its way down, the song kicks back into full gear. That feeling and vibe goes perfect with the band’s EP title, But Wait, There’s More. Pour another round, get back on that dance floor, there is more.

Nightfly is comprised of Moore, Seth Bernstein, Andre Follot, Mike E. Styx and Whitey Bryan. They previously released the CD Honey Jelly Jam (2017). A band with a heavy live concert schedule and solid following, like many bands that saw their livelihoods and calendars change due to Covid-19, Nightfly is certainly primed and ready to go this summer. “Who’s In” should be a highlight to their set.

Mark Druery