The Valiant One – “I Know You Know” (SINGLE)

All day, all night – the faith that The Valiant One has for Jesus is exclaimed in the hip-hop gem “I Know You Know” from his new album The Resistance of God: Season Of A King (Christ Life Records). A glazed piano bed, topped off with an electric go-getter overlay, “I Know You Know” showcases The Valiant One (Terry Wilburt) as a top-grade rapper and top tier lyricist. He combines gorgeous vocals and rapid-fire rap flow to create a lasting impression. “I Know You Know” lives up to the hype.


The beat is a wild mix of summery sounds, brewed with evening and cobalt tones. The Valiant One is stealth-like in his in-and-out flow. I felt like this song inspired me for whatever the day brings, and also reminds that even in darkness, one can see the light. The Valiant One rolls through the song, like a man on a mission. He’s really cut out for this- and I’m not being patronizing. He’s quite the showman, but in his delivery he amplifies what a slam poet would present. “I Know You Know” is just under four-minutes of grit and sweat equity. He’s fresh and he’s sincere. I felt like he’s battled his life to get his words heard, and to express himself the way he has wanted. He’s now at a point in his life that he’s in the right spot to really share his true feelings, his true self. I commend him. Moreover, his voice is perfect for this track. He’s never angry or shows a temper – he’s uplifting and caring. He really allows the listener to fall into the warmth and the sustainable energy. He channels the grace he’s received and passes it along to his audience.

When you hear songs like “I Know You Know”, you get the sense The Valiant One is on the tipping point. Depending on his follow-up, he’s on his way to creating an evergreen career. You can’t buy what talent he has – he’s a natural. He can fabricate some of the electronica in the music bed, but he can’t fake the high octane energy that builds behind the lyrics and delivery. He truly believes what he’s, lack for a better word, preaching.  Just when you think he’s done piling on the emotional lyrics, he switches gears with a gliding chorus and almost bubbly piano.

Even if Christian music isn’t your cup of tea, I encourage music lovers to give “I Know You Know” a listen. I think you will be surprised to learn that even if you take out the Christian leanings, you can find something in this song that will connect with your own life on a different level. When you know, you know. It could be a romantic relationship, or even making a decision like choosing where to attend college or taking that new career leap. You trust your gut. It’s nice and particularly refreshing to hear someone else even sing the words: I know you know. We all have that little voice in our head, or as aforementioned, to trust your gut.

Mark Druery

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