Press Packs

So you’ve just released your debut CD. The response a week after your release party is overwhelming. You are delivering a solid live presentation 3 to 4 times a month at many hi-quality venues around the area. You are building a strong fan base locally, and generating a positive regional buzz around your music. You are witnessing thousands of fans downloading your music on your URL and My Space Page. You are selling hundreds of CD’s at every show, you have received many positive music reviews, your songs are currently being played on local radio. Oh and I might add your new big song has over 100,000 hits on your My Space page. Now ask yourself the million dollar question. Are you documenting all this success anywhere? All of the above in conjunction with a solid Press Pack builds your case or signing power. It also conveniently puts all your efforts into perspective for the A&R Representative. In some cases, writing a solid press pack is just as important as having a good musical production. In fact I’ve witnessed firsthand A&R”s reviewing hundreds of “1 Sheets” at one sitting, so your Press Pack has got to say all right things in a clear and concise format in order to stay in the keeper stack. OK – who’s the band, where are they from, what do they sound like, why should I care? Over the years, after talking with A&R’s, producers, journalists, etc, many of the following components generally make for an effective Press Pack.

– Be fast, factual & full of flavor.

– Don’t brag, or tell your life story.

– Music and concert reviews in bullet format.

– Focus on the who, what, when, where & why of your music.

– “Give up the digits” show all important numbers like download numbers, My Space hits, ticket sales, CD’s sold, airplay, etc.

– “Hype” not your friend here, be modest vive boastful.

– Let your true personality shine through.

– Use a professional looking format, avoid amateur photography.

– Use catchy verbology & advertising tag lines.

– Provide reliable contact information.

– Avoid sending whole CD’s, send just a few songs, even a personal invite to a live performance.

Prevent your Press Kit from landing in the circular file. It should be short and sweet, with vital information that reeks of money making potential.