HAMMERHEAD BLOG presents a candid discussion pertaining to the ever evolving Music Industry. Written exclusively by Mark the Shark this series of articles covers everything from how to get your music on Satellite Radio to how to set up your own Regional Tour. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY Artist looking to make your statement to the world, HAMMERHEAD BLOG covers it all.

Assembling a Road Crew

The road crew (or roadies) are the actual technicians who travel with the band on tour, and handle all aspects of the live production and all logistical support associated with a live show. I’m here to tell you being a roadie is back breaking work, that requires consistency, vast technical …

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Summer Time is Go Time!

Pin-pointing the exact time of year that A&R Representatives are most likely to sign new talent is not easy. however one thing is certain: there’s usually not many signings during the fourth quarter (October through December). During this period, most company’s financial budgets for new projects have likely been accounted …

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What do A&R’s look for in new talent

What do A&R’s look for in new talent When you think about the 5 M’s think also about the A&R’s carreer. A&R reps look for artists who have potential hit songs, a signature sound, a marketable image, long-term career potential (i.e., youthfulness and adaptability) and a great live show, & …

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A&R Representative Part III

A&R reps also look for artists who are proactive and possess a strong work ethic. In other words Motivation. Will the members of the band continue to work hard at creating own opportunities once they get signed or will they rely entirely on their label to do everything for them? …

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A&R Representative – PART II

It’s important to note that A&R’s also rely heavily on referrals from established bands, record label scouts, friends and relatives of industry executives, reputable producers, managers, attorneys, and publishing companies as well. In other words their friends and networking. Putting your music smack dab in the middle of the A&R’s …

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A&R Representative – PART I

A&R Representatives is an acronym for (Artists and Repertoire) are record company personnel whose job it is to discover new talent and help develop careers. This is the gatekeeper to your deal. Chances are if your music is good, there is a A&R looking for it right now. The job …

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