Parker Longbough – Left On Tri

Parker Longbough – Left On Tri URL: Parker Longbough’s latest album, Left On Tri, is a collection of pop songs written while living in a cabin in the Alaskan woods, on band leader Matthew Witthoeft’s way back home. Parker Longbough is actually-the brainchild of former Uncle Jesse member, Witthoeft. …

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Doug McCurry – ‘Doug McCurry &The Verticals II’

Doug McCurry – ‘Doug McCurry &The Verticals II’ URL: This album covers romance, parental love as well as failed romances. Love is such a great medium for music and discussing life, because love is what motives us the most as human beings. These pieces are unique, insightful as well …

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Dynamos – ‘Stainless’

Dynamos – ‘Stainless’ URL: This is a fast paced song with boldness accompanying it. Nadia’s clear and melodic voice works well with the instrumentals and creates a very pleasant piece. The addition of the lyrics expresses a sense of urgency as well as decay which makes for a more …

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