Melanie Rogers “R.U.O.K.” (SINGLE)

I am a firm fan of Melanie Rogers’ latest single “R.U.O.K”. Her previous single release “Fever” played like a fresh breath of musical air during the pandemic and announced the arrival of a major new songwriting talent. I predict Rogers will not toil for long in semi-obscurity and will, with …

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Trevor Drury “Alice” (SINGLE)

In a pop music world that is infatuated with pop culture, Trevor Drury dares to be different. His new song “Alice” is a complexity of honesty, riveting beat and lush, dreamy string arrangements. That’s not even half of it – Drury’s vocals bond together movie-star good looks and sensitive artistry. “Alice”, a song that Drury dreamed …

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Fredo Viola – “My New Head” (LP) 

Concept records admittedly aren’t everyone’s cup of tea; that said, some of these epic recordings are simply too culturally, artistically, and spiritually relevant for even the most discriminating of critics to ignore, and Fredo Viola’s My New Head definitely fits this description. My New Head dabbles in more than a few eccentricities and throws …

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