The Chris Ruben Band – Stomach Coil

URL: Stampeding from beyond the silence, a bold drumbeat comes galloping through our stereo before giving way to a sharp lead guitar bent on cutting into our souls one note at a time. The lead scratches against a synthesized tidal wave of anti-melodies, eventually combining their forces and saturating …

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Trevor Drury releases “Blue Christmas” single

URL: Multitalented singer and performer Trevor Drury has proven himself to be an exquisitely adept vocalist and songwriter in his critically acclaimed original solo material, and this Christmas he takes on arguably the hardest subgenre in all of pop – holiday music. Covering the undebatable seasonal standard “Blue Christmas,” …

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Lana Blac releases “Suck you In”

A whispering crackle seeps through the darkness and slowly triggers a threatening sonic explosion in the first few seconds of Lana Blac’s “Suck You In,” the latest single from her new album Nocturnal. A pulsating drum beat nudges us into the flames being ignited by Blac’s vocal, and before we have …

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